It’s not about us, it’s about you and your students

When you use Science Bits, you count on the expertise of more than 50 scientists, educators, teachers, experts in learning sciences and more than a decade of research into how to make science teaching more effective.

Science Bits continues to evolve and improve. We welcome and value your feedback and try to anticipate your ongoing needs. Like you, Science Bits wants to make science teaching more effective and for students to learn better.

We work tirelessly to deliver a unique platform that seamlessly brings together curricular material, instructional methodology and a suite of smart teaching tools designed by teachers for teachers who want students to succeed.

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Science Bits is the result of more than a decade of investigation in learning sciences  by Héctor Ruiz, a neurobiologist specialized in how we learn. His research, through the International Science Teaching Foundation, a non-profit organization, showed that while the well known 5E Model was effective and easy to understand, it required expertise and the right materials for real success in the classroom.

His wish to empower educators with well thought out and thoroughly prepared materials became Science Bits: the only science curriculum that follows the 5E Model with rigor and can double student learning gains. Teachers are fully supported with everything they need and extensive pedagogical guidance while students are engaged with purposeful materials designed to drive learning.

Science Bits’ fidelity to the 5E Model means it mimics the way we learn naturally, through engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration and evaluation, and provides students with durable, transferable, functional and productive learning. Long term peer reviewed scientific studies show Science Bits to be effective and to improve student outcomes.

How the 5E Learning Model works

You never forget how to ride a bike

You learned by trial and error and were invested in the challenge. Forthat reason, the skill will stay with you forever.

A learning process which requires time and effort, creates deeperpathways in our brains. It makes new competencies almost impossible to forget.

Shouldn’t we teach science in a way that mirrors how we learnbest?

What’s in
a name?

The Science Bits name encapsulates our evidence-based approach to education. We deconstruct complex scientific concepts into constituent parts (or bits!) to enable students to engage with familiar ideas. Then—with time and prompts—they can connect the dots that deliver understanding and durable, transferable, functional and productive learning.

Science Bits is more than just a curriculum, it’s a full suite of easy to use smart teaching tools designed to empower teachers. All the materials can be used either in the well thought out and chunked sequence provided. Or, use it as supplementary materials for rich multimedia, smaller bits of chunked content, modules, lessons, activities, simulations and other resources for teachers.