What's included

Double Student Learning Gains

Science Bits is evidence-based education: A fully digital curriculum that meets and goes beyond your state requirements for middle school science.

The most immersive experience
in science education

Engage students in the fascinating world of science with our complete curriculum for middle school students.

More than 30 smart
teaching tools

Harness technology to differentiate content and bring ongoing formative assessment alive in your classroom, and more …
It can be used anywhere: in the classroom during a lesson or at home, allowing access to exercises and explanations at any time. Lucia (Student) Liceo STEAM International School, Rovereto (Italy)

Work smarter,
not harder

  • Use as a complete curriculum or supplemental materials
  • Work with co-teachers, create class discussions, and more
  • Goes beyond traditional textbooks and state standards

Evidence-based education, guaranteed

  •  Supported by long-term, peer-reviewed scientific studies
  • Durable, transferable, functional and productive learning
  • Proven to have a tangible impact on student outcomes

Designed by teachers, for teachers

  • Fully adaptable for any teaching context or need
  • Easily manage content and classes for all types of students
  • Leverages technology to help you spark understanding!

The tools you need for effective classes

  • Promote student learning with Science Bits Live
  • Flip your classroom with incredible interactive simulations
  • Easy to use, comes with complete teaching guides

Why the best schools
use Science Bits

Science Bits is the only digital science curriculum that can double student learning gains. Proven to improve student outcomes, it seamlessly blends an interactive curriculum, multimedia, and 5E teaching methodology. Our platform of smart teaching tools also makes science teaching easier and more effective.

Science Bits LIVE

Science Bits

  • Ongoing formative assessment made simple for groups
  • Motivate students with Cold Calling, Retrieval Practice, Exit tickets, etc.
  • Make learning social by sharing student answers live on screen
Create custom exams

Create custom exams

  • Leverage huge banks of questions to create self grading tests
  • Includes digital formats students will see in their state exams
  • Make revision meaningful and add learning opportunities
Add co-teacher

Add co-teacher

  • Synchronizeand share lessons with Teaching Assistants easily
  • Share all student content, configurations and changes seamlessly
  • Ensure a consistent approach for students with multiple teachers
Differentiate for different students

Differentiate for different students

  • Easily adapt content levels as needed to drive motivation and interest
  • Apply different streams within the same group based on different levels
  • Invest time with students that need it most, more effectively
Content curation and configuration

Content curation and configuration

  • Manage, modify and reorder lessons according to your student needs
  • Give access, schedule content or even add and incorporate external content
  • All the tools you need to adapt the lessons to your own requirements
And many, many more smart tools

And many, many more smart tools

  • Communication and motivation tools like Forums and Messenger
  • Full Teacher Guides with pedagogical support, suggestions and solutions
  • Exportable and fully configurable gradebooks