Science Teaching Should
Last A Lifetime

That’s why we use the 5E learning model

Behind every Science Bits class is a genuine passion for learning. We empower educators to deliver hands-on lessons that impact students. More than just a curriculum, Science Bits brings together all the tools and materials a teacher needs. It is the most faithful implementation of the 5E model available today. And even more, it’s proven effective.

Science Bits made my life a lot easier because it took away all the researching, planning, piecing together of resources, and searching for interactives to support the lessons—85% of what I needed and wanted was already included! Amber Richards Eton Elementary, Georgia (USA)

How the 5E Learning Model works

You never forget how to ride a bike

You learned by trial and error and were invested in the challenge. For that reason, the skill will stay with you forever.

A learning process which requires time and effort, creates deeper pathways in our brains. It makes new competencies almost impossible to forget.

Shouldn’t we teach science in a way that mirrors how we learn best?

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Each and every class is built on the 5E Learning Model


Interest is generated through a relevant context and prior knowledge is mobilized.


New ideas are built through problem solving and guided inquiry.


Concepts and procedures are formally presented and practiced.


New knowledge is applied to solve new problems in new contexts.


Learning outcomes are obtained in terms of understanding and transferability to new situations.

1. Engage

A short video inspires curiosity. Students see familiar situations but then are faced with problems they can’t explain.

2. Explore

Activities that lead to Aha! moments Students investigate and resolve big questions through experimentation and exploration.

3. Explain

From ideas to understanding Students consolidate evidence and learn how to express their ideas scientifically.

4. Elaborate

Taking knowledge to the next level Students are challenged with projects and encouraged to find solutions through science.

5. Evaluate

Designed to test real understanding Students demonstrate understanding through applying their knowledge in an open-book test.

Putting science teachers back in control

Science Bits is built to give you the flexibility you need to inspire your students and to shine. You can adapt, plan and deliver classes in your own style and personalize as needed It comes with all the materials and tools you need, including a full suite of content management tools that allow you to:

  • Change the order of activities
  • Skip lessons or segments
  • Add modules from other units
  • Differentiate for different students
  • Include your own materials or multimedia

It’s easy to make any changes you need with just a few clicks. Want to skip an activity, teach a lesson in a different order, or include your own material? You can, easily.

Science Bits is dynamic and designed to help you.

See how you can adapt your lessons in just a few clicks with Science Bits:

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Methodology matters

Discover how science can help in your classroom. Peer-reviewed research shows the 5E model is the most effective way of teaching science. If you want to shine and see your students progress, best practices and evidence-based education should form the basis of your teaching.

Why the 5E model makes a difference

We’ve given you a very brief overview of why we think the 5E model is best. This is supported by scientific evidence. We know that every teacher has their own style and this is fully compatible with Science Bits and the 5E model. The real difference between one curriculum and another is not quantitative but qualitative.

Any curriculum should allow you to engage student curiosity, encourage understanding, and help them develop their skills. You are more than a science teacher, you help students to develop critical, creative, collaborative, communicative and scientific thinking skills that will help them throughout their entire lives.

What Science Bits offers

and discovery

You spark student curiosity and encourage them to try to solve a real-world problem.

by doing

You guide your students, with time and prompts, as they explore, experiment and gain real understanding.


You get students to apply their knowledge and solve relevant new challenges, so they keep learning.

Real world

You make sure that students learn skills, attitudes and knowledge that is useful and relevant to them.

Better learning

Students see learning doesn’t stop when the bell rings. Their intrinsic motivation means learning can last longer.

With Science Bits, the activities really help them think critically and begin to understand.

I use Science Bits to supplement my primary curriculum which is very hands-on. I saw that my students needed something to help them better understand the concepts they were working with in the lab. As far as Christian schools go in America, Calvary is academic. Science Bits is helping us keep that focus and even turn it up a notch. Dee Cobia Calvary Christian School, California (USA)