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Why the best schools use Science Bits

Charlene Wetzel
Charlene Wetzel

Archbishop Rummel High School, New Orleans (USA)


For 35 years, I have been dedicated to teaching science at Archbishop Rummel High School. This year, faced with the challenge of teaching 125 students with diverse learning styles and needs, I sought a change with the introduction of new science standards. At the NSTA convention, I found the perfect solution.

What first captivated me about Science Bits were its impressive graphics. The simulations, virtual labs, and tutorials are simply outstanding. The level of engagement it generates in students is remarkable; it draws them in and keeps their interest throughout the lesson.

Science Bits’ approach allows the teacher to become more of a facilitator, which has enabled me to spend more time supporting and guiding students rather than focusing on creating materials and assessments. The transition from a traditional approach to the 5E model of self-discovery and exploration was challenging at first, but it quickly proved effective. Even with students who have special needs, the program adapts perfectly to their requirements.

Students are more engaged thanks to the technology and interactive approach of Science Bits. I have observed a notable improvement in their grades and performance on standardized tests. Cooperative learning and group problem-solving have significantly enriched the classroom experience.

As a teacher, I appreciate the ease of use of the Science Bits website. It’s intuitive, facilitates grading, and saves valuable time. This resource covers all the needs of a modern and effective science program, wrapped in a complete and attractive package. With Science Bits, there’s really no need to look any further. This program is all we need for effective and engaging science teaching in the 21st century.