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Why the best schools use Science Bits

Lucia (Student)
Lucia (Student)

Liceo STEAM International School, Rovereto (Italy)

Science Bits is a research-based science curriculum designed to enhance the learning and understanding of scientific concepts. As a teaching tool, it allows teachers to explain scientific topics in a different way.

Science Bits uses videos and animations that make it easy to understand and visually appealing. Definitions are explained with simple and clear words, and the slide design is very useful thanks to its use of colors, which facilitates understanding. Some exercises include additional information that helps to better understand the concept and the topic of the lesson.

The great benefit of Science Bits is that it can be used anywhere: in the classroom during a lesson or at home, allowing access to exercises and explanations at any time. In my opinion, Science Bits is a really effective and useful tool because it offers a different way of explaining and reviewing topics, which represents a mindset shift from the traditional method.