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Why the best schools use Science Bits

Matteo Cattadori
Matteo Cattadori

Liceo STEAM International School, Rovereto (TN), ITALY

We were looking for more than just an online ready-made lesson plan, and no other learning platform on the web was as enquiry-based as Science Bits. We were really impressed by the way it supports the teaching and learning processes, shaping each topic in Science teaching toward the 5E approach.

Science Bitsโ€™ most crucial features include, as an outstanding example, the authenticity, compactness, and skillful generation of texts designed for teaching Science through the medium of English.

Meaningfulness and relevance of texts to the Science curriculum are not just an added value to Science Bits; they genuinely convince every teacher searching for a way to engage their students in adopting the role and methods of scientists. When texts are so meaningful, the digital tools and technological advancements of the online platform of Science Bits enhance its effectiveness even more.

All these features and characteristics embedded in a single tool do make a difference, also influencing the way my organizational plan is devised. I can honestly attest that my job has completely changed, thanks to Science Bits!

I use Science Bits as the main teaching track, incorporating all available tools for additional changes and adaptations to meet students’ needs (including those with special educational needs) and my own.