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Why the best schools use Science Bits

Milena Stojanovska
Milena Stojanovska

NOVA International School, Skopje (North Macedonia)

I’ve been using Science Bits for three years and the most important reason why we chose it is because most of the units are following NGSS standards.

As a teacher I love inquiry based approach and that is something the Science Bits offers.

Teachers have freedom to make their own units, combining different phases that are already prepared and in that way they can even adjust to their teaching styles. The units are designed with the 5E model, and this model focuses on allowing students to grasp the concepts over time through a series of established phases. So we have Engaged, we have Explore, we have Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate the phase. The students like it a lot, because it’s challenging, dynamic and allows them to discover the key concepts and related concepts through exploration and always finish with something that’s interesting and fun.

There are a variety of activities that keep the students engaged and focused and dynamic throughout the class. There are many activities starting from practice tasks to videos set of questions that provoke the students critical thinking. Then there are many simulations that provide the students with opportunities to discover the relationships between variables and many different virtual labs that are especially important for biology and chemistry.

All the activities and the content are structured in a way to allow the students to grasp the concept with just a little guidance so they can even be independent learners. Science Bits has developed activities based on their difficulties, and this is very helpful for classroom differentiation. The students can choose the activities depending on their need.

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Also, check out what Aleksandra Kizova, math and science teacher at NOVA International School, explains about Science Bits:

โ€œThe LIVE mode gives the teacher the opportunity to track student progress in real time.”

ALEKSANDRA KIZOVAย  https://youtu.be/Nvfe4sGeEW8

NOVA International School, Skopje (North Macedonia)